Meet the Pharmacists

From pharmacists to healthcare professionals, we’re a pretty lively bunch here at Leila Pharmacy. What we do share in common is a lively spirit to help patients and a common goal of finding innovative solutions to improve patient health and safety. We all feel proud to be part of the Leila Pharmacy team , a full service pharmacy with a proven track record.

Carey Lai

Carey Lai

Owner and Pharmacist
Carey received his bachelor degree in Pharmacy from the University of Manitoba in 2005. His primary clinical interest is to provide training and support to those living with mental health illness. Carey is a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor and regulary provides training to the community in order to increase awareness on good mental health. He has also completed his level C first aid training and is also certified to administer injections. Carey is very active in the community and has served on numerous charity boards and not for profit organizations.

Bob Dickie


Pharmacy Manager
Karina graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Pharmacy in 2007. She has worked at various retail pharmacies in her years of practice. With this experience, she hopes to further enhance our In Home pharmacist visits and collaboration with allied health professionals such as dieticians, nurses and nurse practitioners to improve health outcomes. She truly believes a pharmacy needs to continuously evolve to meet the growing demands of the community. This is why Karina and her team of pharmacists focuses on innovative practice models to provide good pharmaceutical care. Karina is certified to administer medications via injections and is fluent in Cantonese.

Amanda, Leila Pharmacy


Staff Pharmacist
Amanda graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Pharmacy in 2014. Upon graduation, she began her career as a pharmacist at Leila Pharmacy. Amanda enjoys conducting home visits to better serve the geriatric population. She feels it is important for all clients to have access to a pharmacist. If a client is not able to come to the pharmacy, then the pharmacist can come to their home! Amanda has provided educational presentations for seniors on topics including “Safe Medication Use”, “Shingles” and “Stroke”. Clinical practice areas include management of hypertension, diabetes and arthritis pain. Amanda is certified in minor ailment prescribing, administration of injections and is working on her certification in geriatric pharmacy. Amanda is fluent in Cantonese.



Staff Pharmacist

Kate graduated from the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Pharmacy in the spring of 2014. She began working at Leila Pharmacy in 2011 after finishing her first year of pharmacy school and has been with Leila ever since. Kate has drawn inspiration from the knowledge and passion of the pharmacists who mentored her throughout her duration as a student, and now strives to apply that dedication to service in her own practice. She is certified to administer vaccines/medications by injection, as well as being able to prescribe for minor ailments. She enjoys being a “travelling pharmacist” and having the opportunity to visit her patients and their care providers in Selkirk, Portage La Prairie, Ste. Anne, and Steinbach. Kates interests lie primarily in psychiatry – with a focus on forensic psychiatry, child/adolescent mental health, and individuals with developmental disabilities. She is working towards becoming a Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist in order to increase the level of comprehensive care provided to her patients.

Lucy Leila Pharmacy.


Staff Pharmacist

Lucy graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Pharmacy in 2013. She is fluent in Vietnamese and has certification in Minor Ailments, Injection and First Aid Level C. Throughout the years, Lucy has truly developed a passion for pharmacy and its expanding role in the health care system. She loves doing what she does because it completes the circle of care – filling in the gaps and ensuring that the intended treatment regimens are executed and followed through to the end. Being able to make a positive difference in the community through working closely with the clientele is something Lucy finds extremely rewarding and constantly motivates her to self-improve. Outside of the work environment, Lucy is an active youth leader for a Vietnamese Youth Group, running programs and projects throughout the year. Her other passions include exploring the world via travelling and dabbling in anything artsy, creative and pretty!



Staff Pharmacist

Katie earned her BSc in Pharmacy in 2010 from the University of Manitoba. As a staff pharmacist at Leila pharmacy for the past five years, she regularly provides home visits to seniors to help them manage their medication along with holding various health clinics at assisted living facilities in the community. From this experience she has gained a clinical interest in geriatric pharmacy. Katie is currently certified to administer injections and has the authority to prescribe medications for self limiting conditions.


Staff Pharmacist

Komal graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Pharmacy in 2011. He brings a unique skillset to the team with his 3 years of hospital pharmacy experience. Komal believes in empowering his patients through education and involving them in the decision-making process regarding their medication regimen. Komal has a keen interest in anticoagulation therapy, with so much advancement happening today in this field of medicine. Stoke prevention is one of the most important medical interventions, in the geriatric population, that can help to prolong patients’ lives and prevent the associated disabilities that come with a stroke. Komal also has clinical experience in internal medicine, specifically cardiology and infectious disease. He plans on becoming Board Certified in Pharmacotherapy. Outside of his professional career, Komal is passionate about real estate investing and is publishing a book to be released in 2017.